Dear fellow men,

everyday we see while watching television, that somewhere in the world a bomb explodes, and several innocent people die. Many countries still assemble nuclear bombs. The earth has turned into one single atomic bomb. The earth has taken many atomic bombs and billions of people on its back and carries them until their death.

I want to transform bombs into flowers and through that make all bombs and all terror vanish from our world; to make this world our paradise.

I have turned the bones of people who perished in war into my pen, and their blood mixed with the tears of their bereaved into my ink.

I have written “…And God created Love” as a plea against war, racism and terror.

Also with my other writings it is my concern to approach all social problems and show my way to a solution.

And if I can bring a smile to all people’s faces with that, my face will be a smiling one too.

Aytekin Kurtaran

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...and God created love

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